Who We Are

Established in 1997, the Keith Taylor Law Group stands at the forefront of legal advocacy in Florida, particularly renowned for its profound impact in probate and wrongful death cases. We excel in unraveling the complexities of probate, preserving the intentions and legacies of those passed, and fighting tirelessly for justice in the wake of tragic loss. While our proficiency in these sensitive areas distinguishes us, our legal acumen extends to a broad spectrum of civil disputes, personal injury claims, and estate planning, reflecting our holistic commitment to serving our clients’ diverse needs.

Our team of attorneys is not only equipped with unparalleled expertise but also an innate sense of empathy, forging client relationships based on mutual trust and respect. At the Keith Taylor Law Group, we blend rigorous legal strategy with compassionate counsel, ensuring that every client feels understood, valued, and confidently represented.

Our Attorneys

Keith R. Taylor

Civil Litigation Specialist ▪ Senior Attorney

J.D. ▪ University of Florida ▪ 1993 

B.A. ▪ Business Administration ▪ University of Florida

Florida Bar Board Certified in Civil Litigation

Adam A. Czaya

J.D. ▪ Stetson University College of Law ▪ 2011 

B.A. ▪ History  Russian ▪ University of Florida

Admitted to Bar in Florida and Maine

Probate ▪ Wills, Trusts, and Estates ▪ Probate and Trust Litigation

Jessica K. Czaya

J.D. ▪ Stetson University College of Law ▪ 2012

B.A. ▪ English ▪ University of Florida

Admitted to Bar in Florida and Maine

Personal Injury ▪ Wrongful Death ▪ Civil Litigation

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